35+ 25th Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate the Silver Jubilee (2022)

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The perks of marrying your best friend are getting to celebrate special occasions together as your love continues to grow. If you or a loved one is celebrating 25 years of marriage, you know exactly what we mean and agree with us as well.

Through the flow of time and tradition, silver has continued to represent 25 years of love due to its strength and perseverance. Silver and iris are the most symbolic gifts to give to your husband or wife because they represent everything you would want in a union – hope, wisdom, strength, and trust.

Therefore, for a couple’s silver jubilee, there are endless personalized and customized options to choose from. We have compiled a list of 35+ 25th anniversary gifts that symbolize lasting love and are perfect for the happy couple.  

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Wife

If you are looking to give your wife something to fully express your love and appreciation for her, here are some great gifts for you to pick from.

25 Years and Counting Photo Collage Pillow

25 Years and Counting Photo Collage Pillow – Wedding Vow Renewal Gift

Wedding vows are a promise of forever and even after 25 years, they continue to remain just as important as the first day you said them to her. Give your wife this silver anniversary gift to celebrate your 25th year together as a happily married couple. It is sentimental and perfect for the occasion.

Two Hearts as One Photo Collage 25th Anniversary Blanket

Two Hearts as One Photo Collage 25th Anniversary Blanket

If you want to give something that represents how much her love means to you, this blanket will be the perfect 25 year anniversary gift. It represents the warmth and comfort you two share in your relationship and will personalize your love-filled journey of 25 years. It is a beautiful expression of forever.

Custom Collage Photo Canvas

Custom Collage Photo Canvas

Celebrating 25 years of marriage is a special occasion and the best way to encompass the memories you have made so far is to put them together. Your 25 years’ worth of memories as a married couple will make for a beautiful canvas and even better home decoration. Your wife will love and appreciate the gesture.

Silver Wedding Platter 

Silver Wedding Platter - 25th anniversary gifts

Your love story has been full of adventures and the perfect way to capture it is by giving your wife a unique silver anniversary gift that reflects it. Aside from getting it customized with your names and date, you can also get it engraved with an endearing message that conveys your feelings to her.

Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace

Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace

The tradition of giving silver definitely simplifies the process but putting some extra thought behind it makes the gift meaningful and symbolic. This personalized sterling silver necklace perfectly mixes tradition with the modern expression of love and will make her heart rate spike out of excitement. It is both a sweet and charming gift for your 25th anniversary.

Silver Earrings 

Silver Earrings  - 25th anniversary gifts

Silver jewelry is one of the most traditional gifts you can give to your wife to celebrate 25 years of marriage. If she associates sentimentality with the older ways of expressing love and devotion, this 25 year anniversary gift will absolutely melt her heart and become a cherished possession and keepsake for her.

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical

Sometimes, simple gifts and prose can never capture how much you appreciate spending your life with her. That is why you need to rely on song lyrics instead. You both probably have a couple’s song that best suits your love for each other. Choose that song and get its lyrics customized on this canvas print along with your wedding photo to remind her that she still gets your heart singing after all these years.

Bouquet of Iris

Bouquet of Iris - 25th anniversary gifts

Love is as bewitching and enchanting as a beautiful bouquet of irises and getting the opportunity to experience it for 25 years is the best blessing anyone can ask for. Give your wife a bouquet of irises to show appreciation for her love and wisdom, and express your hope of always remaining by her side.

Iris Ring 

Traditional silver gifts have a unique allure and adding the symbolism of irises further enhances their exquisiteness. This iris ring not only represents a renewal of your vows but makes a fresh promise of everlasting love between the two of you for the future as well. This will be one of the best anniversary gifts for your wife.

Sterling Silver Bracelet

Sterling Silver Bracelet

The perfect silver jubilee gift combines tradition and a modern aesthetic. Silver jewelry is a standard 25th anniversary gifts but adding a modern twist makes it even better. This delicate silver bracelet is elegant and simple, and she will be able to wear it daily to remind herself of the love you shower her with.

Cutting Board 

Cutting Board

Building a life together involves compassion, trust, friendship, and love. You can express your appreciation for everything she has added to the relationship by gifting her this engraved cutting board, personalized with your names. It will be a sweet keepsake of reaching this milestone.

Couple Coffee Mug

Couple Coffee Mug

Couples who drink coffee together, stay together. Of course. you know that after spending 25 years of sharing your morning coffee routine with your wife. Since this custom has been a major couple ritual for the two of you, these coffee mugs are the perfect gifts for completing 25 blissful years with her.

Silver Metal Rose

Personalized Gift - Silver Metal Rose

Completing your 25th year as a married couple calls for some beautiful roses to celebrate your everlasting love. However, roses wither so get your wife this stainless steel rose instead. Unlike the real rose, this one will stay intact for years to come and will be an even more accurate expression of forever.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

25 years of daily entertainment, laughter, and love are a cause for celebration. Check out these gifts to give to your husband for this special occasion.

25 Years of Marriage Canvas

25 Years of Marriage Canvas

25th anniversary means 25 years of adventures, memories, changes, and dedication. While it is difficult to put them all in a single gift, this canvas gets pretty close to capturing the spirit of your love-filled journey. IT is an emotional gift and one he will appreciate.

Level 25 T-Shirt

Level 25 T-Shirt - 25th anniversary gifts

If there is one thing you have learned about your husband in all these years together, it’s probably that he will choose a good laugh over silver any day. So, for your 25 years anniversary, get him this Level 25 t-shirt to mark the special occasion. Not only will he have a good laugh, but he will also proudly wear it around to show his appreciation.

25th Anniversary Keychain

Personalized Keychain

Subtle silver anniversary gifts are often extremely meaningful and touching. Give your husband this personalized keychain to commemorate your 25th wedding anniversary. He can carry it around and keep your affection close to his heart every day.

I Survived 25 Years With Him or Her Mug

I Survived 25 Years With Him or Her Mug

Having a sense of humor is just as important as love and trust for a lasting relationship but you already know that since your silver jubilee is right around the corner. These hilarious customized mugs is probably the most accurate representation of the dynamic between you and your husband, which will make it all the more special.

Tie Clip

Tie Clip

What’s stopping you from opting for the fancier gifts? If your husband likes staying well-groomed and stylish, he will appreciate receiving this elegant tie clip when celebrating 25 years of togetherness. It also makes for a great keepsake which further enhances its value.

Love You Yesterday, Love You Still, Always Have, Always Will 25th Anniversary Canvas Print

Love You Yesterday, Love You Still, Always Have, Always Will 25th Anniversary Canvas Print - 25th anniversary gifts

Some traditional love stories are best appreciated through simplicity and revisiting the love shared over the years. Just like your precious memories, this print will become a timeless keepsake you both can treasure as you continue getting old together.

Anniversary Sundial

Anniversary Sundial  - 25th anniversary gifts

Milestone anniversary is a special occasion deserving of unique gifts marking the decades’ worth of adventures. This Sundial is the perfect silver anniversary gift for your husband because it captures your tale as old as time in the perfect manner.

Men’s Watch

Men's Watch - 25th anniversary gifts

Your love is timeless and the best way to express this is by giving your husband this sophisticated watch. It is a great accessory, and it will symbolize the infiniteness of the bond you share as a happily married couple.

Newspaper Poster

Newspaper Poster - 25th anniversary gifts

Your wedding may not have made the news but your 25th anniversary is deserving of that attention. Even if newspapers aren’t accommodating, you can get this newspaper poster made to give to your husband to celebrate the special day.

I Definitely Could Not Have Tolerated Me For This Long Custom Photo Mug

I Definitely Could Not Have Tolerated Me For This Long Custom Photo Mug - 25th anniversary gifts

Isn’t it amazing when you find a husband who loves all your flaws and finds your imperfections beautifully perfect? You wonder… how can they still love you when you, yourself would hate to date you. That is the beauty of love. No matter how annoying you think you are, your husband still loves the whole of you. To celebrate this one-of-a-kind relationship give this mug to your husband as a token of appreciation for tolerating you for this long.

Fingerprint Cufflinks

Fingerprint Cufflinks - 25th anniversary gifts

It is pretty obvious that you two are destined to be together and these fingerprint cufflinks are an excellent symbol of your love. Both your fingerprints on each of the cufflinks signify that you two are parts of a set and incomplete without each other. Your husband will love the elegance and cherish this meaningful gift.

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

You’re probably excited about your parents completing 25 years of a loving relationship together so check out the gifts to give them for their silver jubilee.

Champagne Glasses

Champagne glasses with Black box - 25th anniversary gifts

Silver jubilee is worthy of premium gifts like Champagne glasses that come in a luxurious box. There will probably be expensive wine to commemorate the occasion so this gift may just come in handy on the same day.

Hearts Custom Star Map Framed Print

Hearts Custom Star Map Framed Print - 25th anniversary gifts

Stars must have been in perfect alignment when your parents met and fell in love. Celebrate their 25 years of marriage by giving them this sweet star map with custom star alignment on the day of their marriage, and your and your siblings’ birthdays. It is a sweet and thoughtful gift.

Desktop Plaque

Desktop Plaque - 25th anniversary gifts

Making memories together has been at the center of your parents’ relationship so give them a special desktop plaque for their milestone anniversary. This way, they can add yet another beautiful moment to their collection of keepsakes.

Home Sweet Home Custom Map Canvas Print

Home Sweet Home Custom Map Canvas Print - 25th anniversary gifts

Home is where the heart is and your parents’ hearts are with each other. However, they also made a life together in the home they share with each other and you can help them decorate it with their love through this map canvas print.

Silver Sculpture

Silver Sculpture - 25th anniversary gifts

Your parents represent the best parts of traditional and modern love and therefore, this sterling silver sculpture will be the perfect 25 year anniversary gift. Delicate, simple, and premium, this sculpture encompasses the oneness of their bond. It will be a graceful and charming gift.

Custom Ornament

Custom Ornament - 25th anniversary gifts

Celebrating 25 years means they have had 25 years of receiving gifts and being repetitive is just not an option. So get this custom ornament made for them to mark this amazing relationship milestone. It can also be used for decoration which makes it even better.

25 Year Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

An Anniversary Is a Time to Celebrate the Joys of Today Custom Canvas Print - 25th anniversary gifts

Celebrate the fateful love between your parents by giving them this customized canvas print to celebrate their 25 years together. It is a perfect gifts that recall the time they spent together and to keep loving each other the same

DIY Spooning Display

DIY Spooning Display - 25th anniversary gifts

Since this is a momentous occasion, why not make a cute personalized gift to symbolize their love story? This gift may be small, but you making it from scratch will be able to convey your honest affection for their dynamic as a couple.

Sterling Silver Photo Frame

Sterling Silver Photo Frame - 25th anniversary gifts

Silver jubilee memories need silver frames to represent the auspiciousness of the occasion so you can check out this range of elegant sterling silver photo frames to gift to your parents. It is both symbolic, special, and will look beautiful.

Willow Tree Anniversary

Willow Tree Anniversary - 25th anniversary gifts

These sculptures have a delicate simplicity that beautifully captures the spirit of unconditional love and devotion. In their 25 years of marriage, your mother and father have also embodied the same spirit making it the perfect gift for their milestone anniversary.

One in a Million Pebble

One in a Million Pebble - 25th anniversary gifts

The bond between your parents is one in a million and, hence, this pebble will be the cutest way to commemorate their love during the celebration of their 25th anniversary. It’s an adorable keepsake with a thoughtful message adding some sweetness.

25th Anniversary Package 

25th Anniversary Package - 25th anniversary gifts

Homemade gifts carry a special kind of love and are perfect for the special occasion of your parents’ 25 years together. The best part about this DIY package is that you can wrap up 25 little gifts and give them to your parents to unwrap, making the process even more exciting!

Final Thoughts!

Celebrating 25 years of marriage with your husband or wife is one of the best representations of everlasting love. We hope you found the perfect gift from our recommendations that include traditional silver and personalized 25th anniversary gifts.

If you are looking for more gift ideas for the special occasion, check out our other blogs for more recommendations.

If you want to give your beloved one a perfect anniversary gift with a little bit of romance, go sweet and meaningful 25th-anniversary quotes!


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