22nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

22nd anniversary gift

A 22nd anniversary gift means a lot. To some, it may not be the most remembered of occasions. However, for couples that truly know the meaning and importance of being together, it is one special and meaningful moment. For those, we are here to help you decide on what would be the perfect 22nd anniversary present.

Copper is often thought of as the perfect gift to celebrate 22 years of marriage. It means solidness and prosperity. In many countries worldwide, it is both the traditional and the modern wedding anniversary gift for couples to exchange.

What Is Twenty-Second Year Anniversary Gift?

Traditional And Modern Gift Theme: Copper

Light the spark of romance with a gift that represents your 22 years together. Selecting the right present to honor a strong marriage can be difficult. Ideally, you will want to go with copper. This durable metal is used in many cultures worldwide as a symbol of prosperity, perfection, and good fortune.

However, choosing the correct theme can be tough. The most important thing to consider is choosing something with the recipient and their personality in mind.

Gemstone: Spinel

Flower: Mixed Floral Bouquet

Color: Copper Green

22nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Him

Here is our selection of presents that are sure to get the attention you deserve. Are you looking to score points with him and remember the best moments of your relationship? Select the right 22 year anniversary gift for your husband and remember how you felt when you first met!

22nd Wedding Anniversary Custom Photo Canvas

22nd anniversary gift: 22nd Wedding Anniversary Custom Photo Canvas

What better way to celebrate your 22 years of marriage together than with this personalized decor? Place up to two of your favorite pictures with the person you adore alongside your names and marriage date.

Decorate any place at home or the office with your most cherished memories.

Famous CouplesTypography Pillow

This pillow is the perfect present to celebrate your marriage together. It includes the names of several famous couples known for their love for each other.

Why not join them and add your names there? That’s right, this soft pillow will allow you and your partner to join this list forever!

Personalized Stamped Cufflinks

Who can resist a sharp dresser? Add a stylish touch to his suit and celebrate your 22 years of perfect marriage with the copper tradition.

They come with hand-stamped initials and a variety of other lovely ideas you can use. It will be a great copper gift for him for years to come!

22 Year Milestone Anniversary Custom Canvas Wall Art

Make the most of your 22 years with this beautifully printed canvas. You can change the names, dates, addresses, and other info on it to make it truly special for the occasion.

Give a lovely present containing all of the facts about your union and surprise your other half!


Here’s a lovely and unique cooper keepsake! Stick to the traditional copper gift for him and celebrate your romance with this adorable present.

They are handmade and come engraved with the “I love you” message. There’s no sweeter way to remind him he’ll always be your number one!

A Few Memories A Lot Of Love Custom Photo Blanket

Display all of your most important meaningful memories on this blanket. Do you have many happy memories you would like to last forever?

Then go with this soft and cozy blanket that will remind him of the warmth and coziness from those moments!


Here’s a fun and creative paperweight design that sticks to the copper tradition. With its industrial finish and featuring the copper element as seen in the periodic table, this is a truly fun gift.

It is sure to win the heart of the smartest in the house!

Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Wall Art

The lyrics of your first dance song mean a lot, make him remember that sweet moment for your 22nd anniversary. This lovely canvas features a heart design that will contain the song that contributed to your marriage.

Go back in time and remember your first days together with this cute idea!

Wine Glass

Don’t be afraid to add a touch of elegance to your 22 years celebration. Go with these wine glasses to awaken the most refined and classic tastes with your husband.

These copper gifts work great for romantic evenings. Just light some candles, put on some music, and enjoy!


Here’s a beautiful theme gift to add a dash of class to your home. Celebrate your marriage with this unique sculpture that is both creative and useful.

Featuring a one-of-a-kind pattern inspired by nature’s knowledge, this copper anniversary present will easily become the centerpiece of the house!

“8037 Days of Loving You” Custom Photo Canvas

Getting to 22 years together is a wonderful achievement. Thousands of days went by of you two struggling and overcoming barriers.

Why not get a custom photo canvas that shows all time you have been together ever since you said, “Yes”? Declare your love by customizing it with all the special occasions you remember!

22nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Her

Whether your wife loves cooking, reading, or accessories, our suggestions have something to warm her heart. They will ensure you get all the romance and devotion you know from her. Choose the best 22 year anniversary gift for your wife and sweep her off her feet!

22nd Custom A Never Ending Love Story Canvas Print

Canvases are a great way to show your love and appreciation for your partner. With this custom milestone canvas, you can celebrate 22 years of marriage like no one else.

It can have the names and the date of your marriage. This stunning wall piece will make sure you both cherish the day you decided to be together forever!


Jewelry works great as a gift for any woman. This set of beautiful handcrafted earrings will make her look elegant and fashionable regardless of her clothing choice.

Made out of lightweight copper material, these earrings are ideal for everyday wearing. They are the perfect copper gift she will fancy for years to come!


Want a more traditional theme accessory that will bring out her natural beauty? You can’t go wrong with a necklace handcrafted out of silver and layered with gold for extra sparkle!

This necklace set is a sure way to set her heart on fire and celebrate your 22 years of marriage.

Custom Letter Art Canvas Print

Relieve your favorite memories thanks to this canvas print with a custom 22nd wedding anniversary theme. What better way to surprise your special one than with a canvas detailing this unforgettable milestone?

Make her heart dance with the thoughtful moments you have gone through these past 22 years!

Pan Set

If your significant other enjoys cooking for the family, then a stylish set of copper pans is in order. Besides being easy to clean, these beauties are also perfect for cooking even the most complicated of recipes.

She will be outclassing master chefs in no time with this cool pan set. Don’t forget to get some flowers, too!

Twenty Two Years Mug

Be the “funny guy” and remind your significant other why she is the best wife in the world. Written with clear letters, this mug is the perfect 22nd-year anniversary gift for the wife that appreciates a good joke.

It’s made out of high-quality, durable materials to withstand as many years as your marriage and more!


Surprise your partner with a trendy copper gift. This bracelet has a Tree of Life design reminiscent of long roots and a strong foundation in a marriage.

Cooper is an important part of this accessory, further symbolizing the strength and warmness of your long-standing relationship.

Custom Star Map Frame Print

If your darling is a hopeless romantic, this framed print is the way to go! Make her remember that night you declared your eternal love to her with this exquisite custom-made print.

Even if the starry sky is difficult to see at night, it will always remind her of that magical moment!

Adventure Book

Designed to be the best keepsake, the adventure book stands out as one of the most unique gifts we’ve seen. Wooden covers with a lacquer finish give it a premium feeling and an excellent coat of protection.

The perfect type of protection needed to forever hold every unique memory of your relationship!

You Will Forever Be My Always Photo Desktop Plaque

Looking for a sentimental gift to mark 22 years of marriage? Look no further and go with this lovely desktop photo plaque. It will add warmth to any workspace with the most cherished moments you’ve spent together.

Make her forever yours with this customizable plaque and keep the best memories always in the present!

Soy Candle

Breathe new life into your home with this gorgeous soy candle. Comes in a stainless steel container with a copper-colored finish that is designed to be as durable as your marriage.

Its blend of clover, lemon peel, cherry blossoms, and lily will give a clean, lovely fragrance to your home!

22nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples

You two are the perfect couple together, there’s no denying that. Here’s a selection of gifts to ensure your relationship remains as prosperous and stable as ever. Pick the best anniversary gift for couples one can get and share endless love with your special one!

Copper Colorful Tree Custom Canvas Print

Commemorate your 22 years with a stunning copper anniversary gift that will stand the test of time. This canvas print contains your names, marriage date, initials, and a quote for your spouse to appreciate.

With a metal background and solid copper finish, you can both enjoy it for decades to come!

Wine Chiller

Compliment your kitchen with this modern gift designed to add to the classiness of any place. This wine chiller is ideal for keeping your favorite wine and champagne bottles cool for longer.

It’s simple yet elegant, clean, well-done, and with a charming copper finish. We can bet it will become a favorite during gatherings with friends and neighbors!

Heart-Shaped Song Lyrics Blanket

Remember that song that made you fall in love with them all those years ago? Well, here is your chance to have it on a blanket. You can choose from a few fabrics like fleece or sherpa for the best comfort.

Spending 22 years together is no small feat. Celebrate them by sharing new warm and cozy moments underneath it!


For the gaming couple, this funny t-shirt celebrates beating Level 22! How cute is that? It’s one of our favorite couple anniversary gift ideas. You can wear them on vacation, camping, hiking, holidays, and why not – while gaming next to each other!

Champagne Crystal

Featuring high style and elegance, these luxury copper gifts are as fancy as they are gorgeous. Become the talk of the neighborhood by hosting gatherings and showing them off! Champagne will remain pure and shiny thanks to its advanced food-grade lacquer protection.

Handcrafted with maximum precision, they are exquisite copper gifts for 22 years together!

Custom Retro Map Canvas Print

Have you ever wanted to show where the love history of your life began? Thanks to this custom canvas, now you can! Using rich colors and great printing technologies, this wall shows where you met, proposed, or got married.

Is there a sweeter way to honor that fateful moment? Immortalize your anniversary with this cool canvas art!

Couple Mugs

Keep it traditional! This copper mug set is perfect to keep the taste of your drinks. It will also be quite the looker piece in your kitchenware collection.

They are food-grade tarnish resistant and manufactured with high-quality materials that keep their shine for as long as your marriage. We can’t think of a nicer couple anniversary gift!

Custom Song Lyric and Photo Pillow

Show your love to your significant other with this cute custom pillow. You can include the lyrics of your favorite romantic song, a treasured picture, and the date of your marriage.

Summon the best memories for your 22nd wedding anniversary with this comfy pillow!

Chocolate Gift Basket

Enjoy the beautiful starry sky inside your home with this great gift. You can change it to include your favorite song, names, and the date of your perfect union.

Is there a more romantic way to remind your soulmate they’re yours forever? We don’t think so!

Garden Kit

Is the garden tool your partner uses all rusted? If yes, then this gardening kit is for them. It comes with all the tools one could need to take care of the plants around the house.

This kit is made of copper, which doesn’t rust, looks great, and repels slugs and snails. It’s the perfect set for your favorite botanist!

Star Map And Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Enjoy the beautiful starry sky inside your home with this great gift. You can change it to include your favorite song, names, and the date of your perfect union.

Is there a more romantic way to remind your soulmate they’re yours forever? We don’t think so!

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