The Best 21-Year Anniversary Gift For Him, Her & Them (2022)

21st anniversary gift

A marriage that has lasted two decades is one to celebrate. The 21st-anniversary gift should be something that says I love you and thank you for sticking by me through thick and thin. The traditional and modern 21-year anniversary gift is brass and nickel.

Representing a long-lasting relationship, brass is a symbol of goodness. On the other hand, Nickel symbolizes the well-being of emotions and encourages couples to banish negativity and boost their creativity. However, these are not the only gift options.

You can choose other gifts that incorporate the symbol of the anniversary year. The symbolic 21 years anniversary flower is the beautiful purple Iris and the stunning gemstone that is Iolite – celebrate 21 years together with our list of unique gifts. Let’s get into it!

1. Brass Cuff Bracelets

21st anniversary gift

A gold brass cuff bracelet is a great 21-year anniversary gift for your beautiful wife. It is a versatile accessory that she can rock to office, lunch, or party at night. It is handcrafted, and the traditional gold gives a great finish.

2. Antique Brass Wine Rack

21st anniversary gift

Is your husband a wine collector? This antique brass wine rack is a great 21st anniversary gift for displaying his full and empty bottles of wine. Not only is it an eye-catching wall display, but it is also sturdy and will keep your bottles safe.

3. Moving Ladybug Cufflinks 

21st anniversary gift

Add this unique moving ladybug cufflink to his collection and make his day. It is a great wedding anniversary gift if he’s all about his cufflinks. It will last him years to come and will soon become his favorite.

4. Where It All Began Map Wall Art Retro Style Custom Canvas Print

21st anniversary gift

Remind him of all the memories you both made in these two decades. This custom canvas print is one of the best personalized anniversary gifts for your significant other. It will be a great trip down memory lane and will be a great display of love.

5. Thank You For Tolerating Me Since Mug

21st anniversary gift

There are many ups and downs in marriage – this thank you for tolerating me since mug will be a funny way of thanking your better half for putting up with you and all life’s challenges with you and supporting you no matter what.

6. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

21st anniversary gift

A heart-shaped custom lyrics blanket is a cute and comfy gift to give your beloved couple in their 21 years of marriage. Personalize it to their favorite song, name, and wedding date and watch them swell with happiness. It is a great keepsake.

7. Brass Sundial

21st anniversary gift

If you’re out on the search for something that will stand in time and will leave your husband surprised, this brass sundial is the gift to choose. It is skillfully crafted and designed from high-quality cast brass – it is a forever gift.

8. Crescent Moon Brass Earrings

21st anniversary gift

A lovely present for your wife is these crescent moon brass earrings. These stunning hand-forged brass earrings give off a boho and hippie vibe. If your wife has a fun personality and can rock anything- this is the gift for her.

9. Plume Feather Tray 

21st anniversary gift

A brass and nickel tray is a solid gift for the house. It will be a great addition to the table and make anything on display look good. Inspired by the peacock, these handcrafted trays are best for day-to-day use.

10. You Mean The World To Me Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

21st anniversary gift

Tell the love of your life just how much they mean to you! Wish them a happy 21st anniversary by gifting them this beautiful custom photo plaque that will be a forever reminder of how you two are made for each other.

11. Industrial Brass & Copper Drink Dispenser

21st anniversary gift

Give your at-home bar a revamp with this industrial brass and copper drink dispenser. It is useful, but it is one good-looking dispenser at home. It comes with unique attachments that allow bottles to connect easily.  

12. Iolite Men’s Ring

21st anniversary gift

This beautiful 21st anniversary Iolite gemstone ring is a beauty. It will leave your man in awe and will soon become something he loves from the core of his heart. The sterling silver is captivating and matched with Iolite. It makes a killer combination.

13. Modern Brass Metal Candleholders

21st anniversary gift

A modern brass metal candleholder is a must-have in your room. It will help give the room a more edgy look and hold your favorite candles. If your wife is a candle lover, she is bound to love this.

14. American Coin Treasures Bison Nickel Cufflinks

American Coin Treasures Bison Nickel Cufflinks

How beautiful are these American coin treasures bison nickel cufflinks! They are a perfect 21st wedding anniversary gift for the man of your dreams. It will be a unique addition to his cufflink collection and will soon be his favorite.

15. My Heart Is and Always Will Be Yours Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

My Heart Is and Always Will Be Yours Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

Make the most of your celebration with this ‘my heart is and always will be your anniversary photo collage canvas print.’ You can personalize it as per your liking. Upload the best picture of you both and gift away.

16. Custom Song Lyrics Pillow With Anniversary Date

Custom Song Lyrics Pillow With Anniversary Date

Twenty-one years together is a long time, and a custom song lyrics pillow with your anniversary date on it will be a cute gift for your wife. This adorable little pillow will be a great addition to the room and make the bed or sofa look cute.

17. Photo-Wrapped Hardcover Book

Photo-Wrapped Hardcover Book

Have you ever felt like getting all your best pictures printed and combined in one book? Well, now you can. This photo-wrapped hardcover book will help you revisit all your favorite experiences and a trip down memory lane.

18. Prada Infusion d’Iris

 Prada Infusion d'Iris

Spoil your wife like the queen she is by gifting her this Prada Infusion d’Iris! It is a mix of Italian mandarin that is modern and elegant and is a great 21st anniversary gift. Your wife will fall in love with this scent, and you too will be a fan.

19. I Love You Not Because of Who You Are Photo Desktop Plaque

I Love You Not Because of Who You Are Photo Desktop Plaque

Want the best 21st wedding anniversary ideas? This ‘I love you not because of who you are. You can add your names, wedding date, and your favorite picture of you both.

20. Wedding Vow Custom Text Canvas Print

Wedding Vow Custom Text Canvas Print

How about forever holding on to your wedding vows? This wedding vow custom text canvas print is a great gift for your wife. It is a precious gift that will always remind you both of the love and promises you made 21 years ago.

21. Iris Prints

Iris Prints

These beautiful iris flower prints will bring life to your home. It will look good on all walls of the home. They are the perfect gift for your favorite couple. You can choose your frame and these prints and make them a gift to remember.

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