35+ 20th Anniversary Gift Ideas to Celebrate Decades of Love with Your Spouse (2022)

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The 20th wedding anniversary is a huge milestone for any couple. Celebrate two decades together with these 20th anniversary gifts. Similar to the 10-year anniversary, you will want to get something truly special for your spouse on this momentous occasion. Just like with every other anniversary that you have celebrated with one another, there are both modern and traditional anniversary gift ideas to choose from. For the 20 years married gift, this time is often referred to as the china anniversary for traditional or the platinum anniversary for modern gift ideas. Find the perfect gift from our curated list.

What is the 20-Year Anniversary Gift? 

Traditional: China

People often think of china as a rather boring gift of bland dinnerware. The traditional gift of china for this milestone anniversary represents the beautiful and fragile nature of your love for one another. It has taken you 20 years to master the delicate balance of your relationship. Celebrate it with a stunning and unique china gift. 

Modern: Platinum

The opposite of delicate china is the strength of platinum. And just like your 20 years of marriage has remained strong, so will platinum gifts. There are so many beautiful and unique platinum gifting opportunities for this special day. Also lets not forget about the other complimentary gift for a twentieth anniversary, the color and gemstone or emerald and the day lily flower. All beautiful and meaningful gift ideas that your spouse or parent celebrating this milestone are sure to appreciate. 

20th Anniversary Gift for Husband

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print

While it might have been 20 years since you’ve danced to your song at your wedding, that’s one thing you are sure to never forget. This creative canvas showcases the beauty of your relationship through your favorite song. Your husband will surely love this unique gift idea for your milestone anniversary.  

Custom Keychain

This twentieth anniversary present is a unique way to remind him of your wedding anniversary. Each personalized keychain is made with coins from the year you tied the knot. While these coins might not be made from platinum, this is a creative way to celebrate the platinum anniversary. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Anniversary Custom Mug

Celebrate the china anniversary with these mug that includes custom family name and date. It is a perfect gift to celebrate an important milestone in your marriage. Remind your husband that you love him more and more each day. 


For the husband that is still a kid at heart, he will adore this funny t-shirt. While he has leveled up each year you have been married, reaching the 20 year milestone is a big deal. Be sure that everyone knows that he has reached 20 years with you with this comfy shirt. 

20 Year Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

20 years has a lot of numbers…number of kids, pets, vacations, houses, the list could go on and on. Be sure to celebrate every one of those special numbers with this custom canvas print. While this might not include the modern or traditional materials, he’s sure to love it. 

Wedding Anniversary Sundial

While this sundial is neither made from china nor platinum, it will last an eternity, just like your marriage. This wedding anniversary sundial makes the perfect present  for 20 years together. Handcrafted and made from high quality materials, he will be able to find the perfect place to display this custom timepiece. 

Platinum Apple Watch Band

If your husband already fancies himself a tech junkie, then add to his collection with this platinum smartwatch band. This fully adjustable watch band fits perfectly with any Apple smartwatch. He will be riding in style with this platinum present. 

20 Years of Marriage Custom Letter Art Canvas Print

Let’s surprise your significant other with this customized present on your platinum anniversary . It’ll make them cry since it’s so meaningful! Two decades of marriage is a great accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated. When you look at how far you’ve come, you‘ll see that it’s all worth it

Personalized Metallic LP Record

This personalized metallic record makes a great gift for a music loving husband for your 20 years or marriage. Commemorate your 20 years of a romantic duet with this stunning piece of artwork. An eye catching gift he is sure to love. 


For a husband who likes the finer things in life, he is sure to adore this stunning bracelet. Made from lab created emeralds to symbolize the emerald stone for 20 years of marriage, this eye catching gift is sure to bring a smile to his face. 

Personalized Adventure Map

Whether the two of you have lived all over the world together or have just done your fair share of traveling, celebrate your travels with this custom adventure map. A great gift to give a wanderlust husband that is always on the move. 

Custom Wine Glass

For the husband who enjoys having a glass of wine with this wife, he is sure to enjoy this beautiful, engraved wine glass. Celebrate 20 years of wedded bliss with this stunning gift. A perfect last minute gift idea for your husband of 20 years. 

20th Anniversary Gift for Wife

20 Years And Still Counting Photo Collage Canvas Print

You are sure to have captured many photos over your 20 years together. Celebrate some of those special memories with this 20 years and counting custom canvas print. A beautiful gift your wife is sure to appreciate for the next 20 years of marriage. 

Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

This heart shaped diamond necklace is just as stunning as the woman who is going to wear it. A classic Tiffany and Company necklace that is truly eye catching. Bring a sparkle to her eye with this beautiful, vintage necklace. 

“7300 Days of Loving You” Custom Photo Canvas – 20th Anniversary Gift

It might not seem like that long, but you have been loving her for 7,300 days and counting. Celebrate some of those special moments with this beautiful custom canvas. Customize this canvas with all of your favorite pictures from the past 20 years together. 

Personalized Cutting Board

She has spent the last 20 years cooking you delicious meals for you and your family. Celebrate her 20 years of dedication with this custom cutting board. Symbolize the beautiful union of your love with this one of a kind twentieth wedding gift. 

Platinum Ring

In search of a simple and beautiful gift idea for your lovely bride with this platinum dipped ring. An affordable gift for a guy on a budget that she will think you splurged on. With a full band of sparkling beauty to symbolize your eternal love for her. 

Newspaper Poster Sign

A lot has happened in the 20 years that you have been together. Celebrate each one of those special years with this cool custom newspaper print. From what was on television 20 years ago to what was in style, bring back the nostalgia of two decades with this fine print. 

Platinum Earrings

Heart earrings for the woman who has your heart. She won’t want to take these beautiful earrings off once she puts them on. Made from stunning Swarovski zirconia, she can wear these everyday. So affordable you can get her a pair in each shape to match any outfit or occasion. 

Happily Ever After Platter

It’s been 20 years and you are still living happily ever after. Be sure your beautiful bride knows how much you are still in love with her with this beautiful display plate. Custom made and hand painted, each plate is one of a kind, just like her.  

Platinum Rose

Get your beautiful wife a beautiful rose that will last forever with this platinum dipped rose. This one of a kind real rose is a unique way to say “I love you.” If you have already purchased her gold dipped roses, this will be a beautiful addition to her everlasting bouquet.  

Halo Stud Earrings

These unique earrings will make a beautiful and stunning addition to her jewelry collection. A beautiful, minimalist design that she can wear with any outfit. These earrings will catch the light and light up a room just like she does.  

Family Tree Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

It’s taken you 20 years to build your family tree. Showcase some of those most special moments with this custom canvas print. Share the best moments of your wedding, your children, and even grandchildren with this personalized decoration that will make a great addition to your home. 

Love Birds China Necklace

Celebrate the china anniversary with this beautiful dinner wear necklace. Made from authentic china plates, your wife will love this vintage jewelry. The doves symbolize your everlasting love. Made from Blue Willow China which is based on a story of two lovers turned to immortal doves to remain together for eternity. 

20th Anniversary Gift for Parent

Hello – Will You – I Do – Standard Style – Map Canvas Print, Anniversary Gift

While you weren’t around 20 years when they tied the knot, you’ve probably heard the stories or how they met, how dad popped the question, and when they walked down the aisle. Celebrate each one of those special moments in time with this unique canvas print. 

Spiral Song Lyrics Mug with Photo

Do your parents stop what they are doing and dance every time their song comes on? If so, then they will love this personalized mug with this couple song on it. A perfect gift for the parents that still love to have their morning coffee together. 

Picture Frame

In search of a simple and budget friendly twentieth anniversary gift idea for your parents? This beautiful handmade frame is custom engraved and inlaid with emerald glitter to symbolize the emerald stone for 20 years of marriage. A simple but meaningful gift for your parents celebrating 20 years together. 

Family Tree

This family tree puts a unique spin on platinum anniversary. This handmade gift is sure to bring a tear to their eyes when you present it to them. This stunning sculpture can include up to eight names and figures, so you can be sure to include everyone in the family.  

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary Desktop Plaque

Your parents have shared so many special memories throughout their 20 years together. This desktop plaque is a sweet way to showcase all those precious moments they have spent together. A budget friendly gift to give your parents on their 20 year milestone. 

20th Wedding Anniversary Shirts

For those parents that are still head over heels for one another even after 20 years, consider getting them these shirts. Even though it was 20 years ago, they still feel like they were just married. You can even have each of the shirts personalized with their names in the tree. 

New York Times Custom Front Page Puzzle

Do mom and dad love to spend their Friday evenings drinking wine and putting together puzzles? Then they are going to adore this front page of the New York Times puzzle from the day they were married. They can reminisce about the top stories and world happenings after 20 years together. 

Holy Shit 20 Years And We Are Still Married Mug

This funny mug is perfect for couples whose married lives have been filled with fun, laughter, excitement, adventures and endless love and care. Celebrate 20 years of the unexpected with this funny custom mug. They will smile every time they use this mug and think about all of the crazy things they have been through. 

Pebble Art Picture

Their marriage has been rock solid for the past 20 years. Celebrate the china anniversary with this special gift of pebble art. Handmade from natural materials and made with love, mom and dad are sure to adore this work of art that they’ll be eager to hang in their home.

Family Name Sign

Your parents will be able to display their name big and proud with this personalized last name sign. Whether they choose to hang it in their entryway or at the family cabin, they are sure to love this stunning sign. 

New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

So much has happened in the past 20 years. Find a special way to memorialize all 20 years that your parents have spent together with this amazing keepsake book. Each page features the front page from the New York times from the day they got married to their current anniversary. 

Love Birds Anniversary Custom Canvas Print

Mom and dad are just as much love birds now as they were when they got married all those years ago. This canvas print features a tree blossoming with love and two love birds sitting on a branch safeguarding it. You can customize name and date to make it a perfect anniversary gift for your parents.

It is our hope that you will find the perfect 20th anniversary gifts for that spouse or couple celebrating this milestone anniversary. From beautiful personalized pieces that will bring a tear to their eye to stunning jewelry, you are sure to find the perfect present on our curated list of modern and traditional gift ideas. These gifts symbolize both the delicate nature of love as well as the strength and endurance a couple has. 


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