33+ Creative 14th Anniversary Gifts for Husband, Wife, and Couples


A 14 year anniversary gift holds so much meaning; it reminds you of all the wonderful years you’ve spent together to make a beautiful life with your better half. The conventional 14th year anniversary gift is ivory, and it symbolizes utmost patience and stability.  

If you wish to win your other half all over again with a thoughtful, memorable, and romantic wedding gift, then we’ve got just what you need.

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What is The Symbol for 14 Years of Marriage?

Traditional Gift: Ivory 

The traditional 14 year anniversary gift is ivory – a symbol of tolerance and strength. Back in the day, people used tusks of elephants to get ivory. However, people nowadays skip the ivory to save elephants and prefer to get elephant-themed gifts for their better halves as it is a more appropriate and meaningful traditional gift.

Modern Gift: Jewelry

The modern gift of a 14th wedding anniversary is now gold jewelry. So it is a perfect gift of beauty to honor 14 years of marriage. 

14th Anniversary Gifts for Her

Pamper your beloved with a 14 year wedding anniversary gift that will make her day! Here’s a list of alternative gifts to choose from.

When Two Became One

1. When Two Became One Canvas

Celebrate your big day with the When Two Became One” star map photo canvas print. You have spent 14 years together as a married couple. Ignite the light of your bonded souls with our colorful quote art!

Personalized Infinity Symbol Canvas Print With Song Lyrics

2. Personalized Infinity Symbol Canvas

If you are looking for a unique 14th-anniversary gift for your husband, this Infinity Symbol Canvas Print with song lyrics is exactly what you should get them. It is a romantic gift for your wife or husband where the infinity sign works as a symbol of your marriage.

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Custom Photo Star Map Desktop Plaque

3. Custom Photo Star Map Desktop Plaque

Gift your magical wife something as extraordinary as this personalized photo star map. It’s a beautiful 14 year anniversary gift that your wife can place on her side table to always look at and cherish. 

Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me Custom Photo Pillow

4. Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me Custom Photo Pillow 

This pillow is the next best thing to your beloved’s warm hugs. Customize it to your liking by uploading your best picture with your wife.

If you’re going away, then send her this 14th wedding anniversary gift as a reminder that you’re always going to be near. 


14th anniversary gift: A Few Memories A Lot Of Love Custom Photo Family Blanket

5. A Few Memories A Lot Of Love Custom Photo Family Blanket

A customized photo family blanket is the perfect and most creative 14th anniversary gift for your wife. With its warm and cozy embrace and a lifetime of pictorial memories, you are sure to win her heart.

Gold Diana Rose By Living Gold

6. Gold Diana Rose By Living Gold

Wish your wife a happy 14 years anniversary by giving her a gold rose as a 14 year anniversary gift. Symbolizing everlasting love for your better half, this is the perfect gift. 

14th Anniversary Gifts for Him

The most common traditional anniversary gifts for him like are listed below:

14th anniversary gift: 14 Year Anniversary Burlap Print

1. 14 Year Anniversary Burlap Print

A burlap print is by far one of the most thoughtful and personalized 14th anniversary gifts. Make your husband smile from ear to ear by surprising him with this considerate gift. 

To My Husband Gift Custom Photo Plaque: ivory wedding anniversary

2. To My Husband Gift Custom Photo Plaque

Display your best and most favorite picture with your husband on this customized photo plaque. It is bound to make him feel special and will brighten up his day along with his side table.  


3. Keychain

Keychains are a must-have. Treat your husband to a new keychain that will lighten up his keys. Great price and great quality, a personalized keychain an evergreen idea for a 14 year anniversary gift.

14th anniversary: Boulder Opal Free Shape Cufflinks

4. Boulder Opal Free Shape Cufflinks

These opal-free shape cufflinks are one-of-a-kind. These are perfect for your husband if he already has a unique collection of cufflinks, as this might be a brilliant new addition. So pamper him with this 14th wedding anniversary gift.


5. Wine of the Month Club 

If you and your husband are serious wine drinkers and love exploring new flavors, then this is the perfect gift you can spoil him. Wine of the month club will allow you both to have a great time. 

Anniversary Shirt

6. Anniversary Shirt

How cute is the idea of an anniversary shirt! Get your husband a customized shirt as his 14 year anniversary gift. It can be anything from an adorable picture of him with your pet or a great achievement. 

Custom One Heart Satellite Map Canvas Print

7. Custom One Heart Satellite Map Canvas Print

Wish to capture the moment where you met and keep it with you forever? Now you can! Surprise your husband with this personalized 14th anniversary gift – a map canvas print of where you both first met and bring back all those beautiful memories.

14th Anniversary Gifts for Couples

A better idea would be to spend on a combined gift rather than looking for the best 14 year anniversary gift for each other.

What is the 14th anniversary? It is a great amount of time spent with your better half. Originally symbolized by ivory, but now other gifts are also considered. 

Custom Star Map And Song Lyrics Framed Print

1. Custom Star Map And Song Lyrics Framed Print

Need a 14th anniversary gift with more meaning? This customized star map with song lyrics is the perfect fourteenth-anniversary gift for both. Both modern and classy, it is the ideal gift.

 14th Anniversary Our Story So Far Scrapbook

2. 14th Anniversary Our Story So Far Scrapbook

No one image can justify these fourteen years spent with a loved one, so how about getting a scrapbook for the happy couple? It is a memorable 14 year anniversary gift.

Funny Marriage Mug

3. Funny Marriage Mug

If you both have one particular habit that is funny to others or amongst yourself, then get a funny marriage mug to celebrate the 14 years of marriage with the love of your life.

Personalized Song Lyrics  Pillow

4. Personalized Song Lyrics Pillow

Get a personalized suede pillow with your names and wedding date for your room so that it can remind you of the beautiful 14 years you spent together. The song lyrics will always remind you of the song you love.

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Landscape Blanket

5. Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Landscape Blanket 

There’s no better way to honor this special day than getting a personalized blanket for your partner and your room. This 14 year wedding anniversary gift is sure to add more romance to your home.

Ivory Gifts for Her

Here is a list of ivory gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to your wife’s face!

ivory gifts: Personalized Elephant Family Print

1.  Personalized Elephant Family Print


Remember the traditional ivory anniversary theme, gift your beautiful wife a heartwarming personalized Elephant family print that will represent where each member of the family was born.

Elephant Couple Glass

2.  Elephant Couple Glass

Are you even a real couple if you don’t have your own Elephant themed glasses? Get your better half a cute pair of Elephant couple glass which you both can display at the dinner table for your 14 year anniversary.

ivory anniversary gifts: Personalized Elephant Cutting Board

3.  Personalized Elephant Cutting Board

No kitchen items will ever be enough! A customized Elephant themed cutting board is a cute and thoughtful gift for your wife. It will remind her of you every time she’s in the kitchen making food.

Personalized Soya Wax Honey Pot Candle

4.  Personalized Soya Wax Honey Pot Candle

Wish your wife a happy 14th anniversary by getting her a personalized soya wax candle as a gift. You can choose her favorite fragrance and jar size to add to her excitement. 

Eternity De Venus Le Petite Square Eternity Roses

5.  Eternity De Venus Le Petite Square Eternity Roses

Keeping in mind the theme of ivory gifts, gift your wife a home décor piece that she will cherish forever. These eternity roses are just that. A timeless piece and symbolizing romance, it is a great gift.

Ivory Gifts for Him

Searching for the perfect ivory-themed anniversary gifts for your husband? Look no more!

14th wedding anniversary gift: Anniversary Card For Husband

1.  Anniversary Card For Husband

Cards are the best way to write down your feelings about someone, and they are timeless as they stay with you for years to come. They are the perfect ivory wedding anniversary gifts to give your husband.

Bulletin Dot Bow Tie Box Ivory Gift Set

2.  Bulletin Dot Bow Tie Box Ivory Gift Set  

Bowties are no doubt a great gift for special occasions and one of the best ivory gift ideas. So spoil your husband with this bulletin dot bow tie gift set made ivory and make his day.


3.   Ivory Coffee Mug  

An ivory wedding anniversary gift for your husband is a perfect coffee mug. Customize it with his favorite quote or picture; it surely makes it his favorite coffee mug for life. 

Shaving Set Ivory and Silver Color

4.   Shaving Set Ivory and Silver Color

14 years of marriage gift calls for something pricy and classy. Pamper your husband with this essential ivory shaving set that will last a long time and give him a seamless shave.  

ivory anniversary: Cast Iron Beer Opener

5.   Cast Iron Beer Opener

Keep it traditional yet useful. A cast-iron beer opener is a perfect gift to start your 14 year wedding anniversary. It’s the perfect Elephant wedding gift without the use of real ivory.

Gold Jewelry Gifts


1.   Necklace

A gold gift on 14 years of marriage is a great decision. It is a symbol of undying love and a deep connection. A daughter can give this to her mom or a husband to his wife; it is a versatile gift. 

14K Gold Earrings

2.   14K Gold Earrings

These stunning handmade opals are a modern gift for a 14 year anniversary. Symbolizing elegance and grace, these will surely look stunning on your wife as a 14 year wedding anniversary present.

Opal Bracelet in Gold

3.   Opal Bracelet in Gold

If your wife is big on bracelets, then this opal bracelet in gold is just her gift. It is romantic, classy, and signifies elegance. Make her feel extra special on this beautiful occasion.

Gold Filled Hammered Cuff Bracelet

4.   Gold Filled Hammered Cuff Bracelet

Go big and make your man feel most special by gifting him this gold-filled cuff bracelet as his 14th wedding anniversary gift. You can personalize it by getting your wedding dates craved onto it. 

14 year anniversary gift: 14k Gold Diamond Chevron Ring

5.   14k Gold Diamond Chevron Ring

A ring is and always will be the best anniversary gift to give your wife. It fits well with the whole anniversary theme, and the happiness of getting a gold ring as a gift is unmatchable!

We hope you got great help from this list of the best 14 year anniversary gifts. You now know how to incorporate an ivory gift into your list without the use of real ivory. 14 years is a long time to be married, and when given a chance to celebrate, do it right and with all your heart.

Make your partner feel special by spoiling them to a great deal and choosing the right 14 year anniversary gift for them. Happy 14th anniversary!

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