Surprise Your Spouse with these 13th Anniversary Gift Ideas

13th anniversary Gifts

When celebrating your anniversary, it can be hard to find the perfect 13th anniversary gift. It’s also important for you and your spouse to show each other how much you care about them all year long, not just during special occasions like a wedding or the milestone of 13 years of marriage.

A happy couple is sure to adore any of these 13-year anniversary gifts. Whether gifting to a husband or wife, celebrate the couple with an anniversary gift by year that they will love. From textile gifts to gifts with intricate lace, any of these are perfect for the 13th wedding anniversary.  

What are the Gifts for the 13th Wedding Anniversary?

Lace, the traditional gift is a symbol of the intricate beauty of your relationship and how it has developed over the past 13 years. Celebrating 13 years together is no small feat. Be sure your spouse knows how much you appreciate them with a beautiful lace gift. 

The modern 13th anniversary gift themes are fur and textiles. These gifts reflect the warmth and protection of a long and successful marriage. You’re sure to find the perfect anniversary gift for him or her with these 34 anniversary gift ideas. 

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

What is the perfect gift for your partner to celebrate your 13th anniversary? We have some ideas that will help you find that perfect gift that he’ll love.

1. Personalized Whiskey Barrel Cigar and Rocks Glass Coaster

13 year anniversary gift for husband:Personalized Whiskey Barrel Cigar and Rocks Glass Coaster

For the guy who enjoys his whiskey and cigars for just about any occasion. These personalized whiskey cigar coasters made from an authentic whiskey barrel makes a great 13th anniversary gift for him. Pair with his favorite bottle of whiskey for an unforgettable anniversary present. 

2. 13th Anniversary Hip Flask


Your husband is the best guy around, so why not give him a 13th anniversary gift that he’ll absolutely love?! This hand-crafted, stainless steel hip flask has a wood design of your choice on the front. Plus it’s wrapped in vinyl for plenty of durability and protection from scratches and drops.

3. Custom Canvas

Custom Canvas

Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing you have a partner in love, laughs and life. Celebrate your 13th wedding anniversary with this cotton canvas print custom-made for him! Makes a great gift idea for husband that he will be delighted to display in your home. 

4. Custom Photo & Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

 Custom Photo & Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Does your hubby get nostalgic everytime he hears your wedding song? If so, then this is the gift for him.

This spiral song lyrics canvas print is an adorable way to commemorate one of the best days in your lives – with a piece of it preserved on canvas forever. 

5. Metal Date Night Dice


Be imaginative and use these metal date night dice to plan the perfect anniversary event! These sleek, unassuming dice have ideas for your evening together.

You’ll always have great ideas left over thanks to these date night dice that add some spice and variety in your relationship!

6. Funny Coffee Mug

13 year anniversary gift ideas:Funny Coffee Mug

What better way to say I Love You than with a personalized coffee mug that will make a great 13th anniversary gift ideas for his morning cup of coffee.

Your husband will enjoy looking at this mug each time he drinks from it. He’ll adore the hipster humor meets functional serving ware!

7. Heart-Shaped Bird Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Heart-Shaped Bird Custom Song Lyrics Canvas Print

What message do you want to give your husband on your anniversary? This heart-shaped custom canvas is perfect for those sentimental types who want everything personalized, especially this special day of celebration. Simply submit your favorite song to have this lovely thirteenth anniversary gift made specially for him. 

13th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

What better way to celebrate than with a gift for 13th anniversary? Show how much love and dedication you have for the person that has been by your side through everything. Here are some ideas for gifts she’ll love! 

1. Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet

You may know chrysanthemums for their reputation as a sturdy, enduring flower, but it’s also known as the November birthstone and considered an official floral emblem.

The symbolism of this flower makes it the perfect anniversary gift for a milestone anniversary gift. 

2. To My Wife Custom Canvas Print

13th wedding anniversary gift:To My Wife Custom Canvas Print

Is your wife a Disney lover? Are Carl and Ellie her favorite couple? Then she is sure to adore this custom To My Wife print. Add a personalized touch to the bottom of the canvas by adding your names. A great 13 year marriage gift for the perfect couple. 

3. To My Wife, Never Forget That I Love You Suede Pillow

To My Wife, Never Forget That I Love You Suede Pillow

It doesn’t get much better than this. One of the simplest and cutest ways to show you love someone is with this pillow that you can customize with a short poem or your own note! Make your wife feel loved no matter where she goes with this happy anniversary 13 years gift!

4. Bracelet for Wife

Bracelet for Wife

To your beloved wife, it’s the most thoughtful gift. To you, it’s the ultimate in sentimental jewelry. The Love Knot is beautifully crafted and designed for comfort—highlighted by its stainless steel construction that shines with purity and beauty while still being affordable on all price points. 

5. Mr And Mrs Custom Photo Desktop Plaque  

Mr And Mrs Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

While you might not be newlyweds anymore, it’s never too late to celebrate the love you share. This Mr. and Mrs. photo plaque makes a great thirteen anniversary gift for your wife after many years of marriage. A thoughtful gift to decorate her home office with.  

13th Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Them

Searching for the perfect anniversary gifts for 13 years of marriage for a friend or family member, then check out these gift ideas for them. They’re sure to love any one of them. 

1. Personalized Infinity Symbol Canvas Print

While 13 years might already seem like infinity, it’s really not that long. Celebrate their time together with these gifts for 13 year anniversary with this beautiful, personalized infinity symbol canvas print.  Include the couple’s names and their favorite song lyrics in the background. 

2. Mom and Dad Canvas

13th anniversary gifts: Mom and Dad Canvas

If it is your parents that are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary, then consider getting them this beautiful mom and dad canvas print.

This is a custom astronomy print that will make a great anniversary gift for your parents. They will be proud to display this in their home. 

3. Blanket for Couple

Blanket for Couple

This blanket is big, cozy, and perfect for snuggling up to watch a movie together. This story is about finding someone who loves you relentlessly while giving you freedom to be whoever you need to be. A love worth fighting for without a single regret in sight. 

4. Coin Keyrings In Gift Bag

Coin Keyrings In Gift Bag

These coin keyrings make a simple and beautiful gift for a couple for their thirteen wedding anniversary. Each keychain includes a coin from their wedding year, numbers for how long they have been married, and a cute little heart that says “I love you”.  An affordable gift for the couple on your list. 

5. Lace Anniversary Pebble Artwork

Lace Anniversary Pebble Artwork

What a unique way to celebrate the lace anniversary with this pebble framed art. Made with all natural elements, such as stones, twigs, and lace for a custom, one of a kind piece of art. The couple will love to display this unique gift in their home for all to see. 

6. Lace Anniversary Card

13 years of marriage: Lace Anniversary Card

There are so many unique ways to give the traditional and modern gift for 13 years of marriage together.

This card includes both lace and modern textiles for a cute little card they are sure to love. So cute, they might even frame it! 

Lace Anniversary Gifts for Her

The gift of lace makes a beautiful and elegant 13 year anniversary gift ideas for her. She is sure to adore any of these delicate lace gifts. 

1. White Lace Roses with Stems

White Lace Roses with Stems $

Why get her roses that will quickly wilt when you can get her a lace rose that will last a lifetime?

This beautiful rose is made from delicate white lace with a pearl placed in the center. One of many beautiful lace gifts to give to your wife. 

2. Handmade Candles

Handmade Candles

Rather than gifting her some actual lace, why not go with something a little more unique with this lace wedding anniversary themed candle.

Easily customize the front for her and choose from several amazing scents that she is sure to love. 

3. Lace Scrabble Frame

Lace Scrabble Frame

Boy has your family grown over the last 13 years together. Be sure that all of those special people (or pets) are celebrated with this beautiful custom lace anniversary gift idea.

Atop the intricate lace sits scrabble pieces arranged in a custom pattern to spell out names. 

4. Lace Dress Drop Earrings

lace anniversary gifts for her:. Lace Dress Drop Earrings

These lace drop earrings are a subtle way to celebrate the 13th wedding anniversary. What makes these earrings truly special is that you provide the lace material to make them, which makes it a sentimental gift for her. Use a small piece of her wedding dress or other meaningful piece of fabric. 

5. Lace Dress Pendant Necklace

lace gifts for her: Lace Dress Pendant Necklace

Similar to the lace drop earrings, this lace pendant makes a wonderful traditional 13th anniversary gifts.

While she might not be able to wear her wedding dress everyday, she can always hold a part of that special day with her.  

6. Lace Custom Ring Dish Gift for Her

Lace Custom Ring Dish Gift for Her

Lace gifts don’t always have to include real lace. Bring the delicate beauty of lace to this sturdy ring dish. A beautiful item that she can keep on her nightstand or vanity to hold all of her small precious items. 

Lace Anniversary Gifts for Him

Normally you don’t think of giving lace to men for their anniversary. However, with these 13 years anniversary gifts for lace for him, he will be delighted by these creative presents. 

1. Engraved Leatherette Valet Tray

While this gift isn’t made of lace, it includes a lovely lace print on the inside of the valet tray. A great way to give a 13 years of marriage gifts for the man of your dreams. He’ll be reminded everyday of your love as he tosses his change into this tray. 

lace anniversary gift ideas: Cufflinks with Lace Pattern

Lace and jewelry isn’t just for the ladies. These cufflinks with lace patterns are a great way to give him the traditional gift of lace. This gift made of wood is the symbol for a strong and enduring marriage that will last a lifetime. 

3. Lace Tie Bar

13 years anniversary: Lace Tie Bar

While this lace accessory is made from actual lace, it still has a manly flair to it. The sterling silver tie clip is accented with a small button covered in delicate lace. The perfect gift for him on the lace anniversary that he’ll love to wear to the office everyday. 

4. Wedded Lace Lavender Tie

Wedded Lace Lavender Tie

Searching for high quality and stylish lace gifts for him? Then consider getting him this lace lavender tie. This tie includes a discreet lace style that will go with all of his suits. It pairs perfectly with the lace tie clip or worn casually. 

5. Leather Heart with Lace Keepsake

Leather Heart with Lace Keepsake

If your husband is the sentimental kind of guy, then he is sure to appreciate this leather and lace heart keepsake.

The perfect gift for husband to hang in his car or truck. A subtle reminder that he will see everyday of your love for him.

Textile Anniversary Gifts

Textile anniversary gifts are great for the 13th wedding anniversary. These can include fur throws and linen robes for couples to snuggle up in on a cold night while keeping their love life hot.  

1. Faux Fur Throw

Faux Fur Throw

These faux fur throws are a luxurious gift for a 13th anniversary present. Large enough to fit two full grown adults under and warm enough for even the coldest nights. Choose from several different colors and sizes for the perfect gift idea for them. 

2. Wall Hanging Art Woven Boho Home Décor

Wall Hanging Art Woven Boho Home Décor

These faux fur throws are a luxurious gift for a 13th anniversary present. Large enough to fit two full grown adults under and warm enough for even the coldest nights. Choose from several different colors and sizes for the perfect gift idea for them. 

3. Woven Coasters

13 year anniversary:Woven Coasters

These woven coasters add a lovely natural element to any home decor. The perfect addition to a cozy home to celebrate their 13th anniversary gifts. The natural cord will easily absorb any moisture from the glasses set on top without ruining the table they are set on. 

4. Natural Linen Robe

Natural Linen Robe

Whether lounging around the house or taking a trip to the spa, these natural linen robes make a great 13th year anniversary gift for any couple. Lightweight, soft, and comfortable, they will never want to take these robes off.  

5. Beige Woolen Pillow

Beige Woolen Pillow

This 13th wedding anniversary gift is all about comfort. With a knitted sweater material on one side and denim on the other, this pillow will go with just about any home decor. Perfect for taking a nap or lounging on while watching a movie.  

We hope that you have found the perfect 13th anniversary gifts from our curated list of ideas. These include modern and traditional gift ideas for him, her, and them. 

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