Happy 12 Year Anniversary with Traditional, Modern, and More Anniversary Gift Ideas


Getting the perfect gift for an anniversary can sometimes be a bit more difficult than people realize. How does one commemorate a special occasion like 12 years together?

If you’re searching for the right 12 year anniversary gift for wife, husband, or a couple you know, you’ll find it is best to use the theme of the celebration to your advantage. Use this guide to silk and linen anniversary gift ideas and find the right fit for your needs.

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What Is the Symbol for 12 years of Marriage?

The traditional symbol for 12 years of marriage is silk or linen. After twelve years together, these materials are meant to showcase how your lives have been woven together. The bonds are tighter than they once were, though not as strong as they will be in the future.

A traditional gift for the 12th anniversary includes linen or silk incorporated in some capacity. The modern symbol of the anniversary is pearl, which is meant to symbolize the rare and beautiful nature of the relationship by this point. 

12 Year Anniversary Gift for Him

In search of the perfect 12 year anniversary present for the special man in your life? Grabbing the right gift for a guy can be tough. Make the search a bit easier on you by considering these excellent personalized presents. With these 12 year anniversary ideas, you will easily be able to put a smile on his face

It All Began Under This Sky Custom Star Map

It All Began-Under-This-Sky-Custom-Star-Map-Framed-Print

Few images are as tied to romance as the stars. If you want to show your husband exactly how much he means to you with your 12th anniversary gifts, then consider a present that includes the celestial canopy above. This custom star map framed print will look great in his home office.

12th Wedding Anniversary Letter Art Custom Canvas

12th Wedding Anniversary Letter Art Custom Photo Canvas Print

The 12th Wedding Anniversary Letter Art Custom Photo Canvas Print shows a memorable picture of you and your partner. Personalize this piece of wall art with your names, wedding anniversary date, and a favorite photo, and cherish this unique item for years to come.

Coffee Mug for Husband


Some people simply can’t get their days started without a quality cup of coffee. If this sounds like your husband, you absolutely want to think about a gift like a mug that celebrates another year of marriage. Every time he goes for a sip, he’ll think of you.

Custom Photo Star Map Desktop Plaque


A gift does not need to be large or showy in order to make a significant impression. For some people, an understated present is the way to go.

If you want to commemorate a special occasion in a way your man appreciates, a custom photo star map desktop plaque is a great fit.

Anniversary Knife

Anniversary Knife

Is your husband the type of man who always likes to be prepared? If so, you can find a great gift in an essential piece of gear.

This anniversary knife is a portable tool that your husband can use when he is on the go and requires something sharp in a pinch.

Anniversary Wallet

Anniversary Wallet

A quality wallet makes all the difference in how a man experiences the conveniences of his life. After being together for 12 years, you might want to find a present for husband that fits this bill. An anniversary wallet is a gift that your man is sure to get some immediate use out of. 

12 year Anniversary Gift for Her

A twelve year anniversary can be a significant moment in a couple’s journey. If you are going to see success with finding the perfect gifts for her, you want to be sure to put a little thought behind your decision. Consider these suggestions and find a gift that is sure to make her feel appreciated.

Custom Star Map Pillow

Custom Star Map Pillow

If you want to find a meaningful 12th wedding anniversary gift, you don’t need to go to any extreme lengths. In fact, the most powerful presents are the ones that speak from the heart.

This custom star map pillow is a lovely expression of the life you have built together over the years. 

Bracelet for Wife

twelve year anniversary: Bracelet for Wife

Jewelry is always a classic option to consider when you want to find a significant present for wife.

A simple and elegant bracelet symbolizing the connection you share can make for a present that the special woman in your life will cherish for many anniversaries to come.

Couple Silhouette Song Lyric Canvas Print

custom song lyrics canvas

A couple tends to have a few favorite songs. From the tunes you enjoyed together when first dating to the melodies you’ve heard over the years, incorporating music into your 12 year wedding anniversary present can be a great option.

This couple silhouette song lyric canvas print is one perfect way to celebrate 12 years together.

Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

12 year anniversary ideas: Heart-Shaped Custom Song Lyrics Blanket

A canvas print is far from the only way to include song lyrics in your gift to wish your wife a happy 12th anniversary. If you want to get creative with your present, a custom song lyrics blanket can be a fun way to go.

This heart-shaped personalized piece can work as a piece of decor or keep you nice and cozy together on a night in.

Candle Hamper

12th year anniversary: Candle Hamper

Candles are often a perfect way to express your love for someone in the most simple and straightforward way possible. If you want to grab a gift for your spouse that helps her feel how much love and affection you have for her, then a candle hamper is a great fit.

Simply select a scent she will love and you’ve got a gift that will work for your anniversary.

12 Year Anniversary Gift for Them

You also might be searching for anniversary gift ideas for a couple you know. Whether that couple is someone important to you like your parents or simply close friends you want to wish well, thinking about your gift in advance is important. Look over these ideas to find the right gift for 12th year anniversary for them. 

Love You To The Moon And Back Name Framed Print

Love You To The Moon And Back Name Framed Print

Wishing a couple you love a happy anniversary 12 years together is best when you get right to the point. You want to express both your happiness over the anniversary and your love for the couple.

This name framed print features a perfect design that helps you capture exactly how you feel about those you love.

Personalized Photo Coasters 

Personalized Photo Coasters

There are plenty of very creative ways to go about celebrating the happy couple as they prepare to celebrate 12 years together.

Personalized photo coasters are a great fit because they provide you with a chance to pick out some of your favorite pictures and put together a present that has an emotional impact.

Cutting Board

Cutting Board

There are some presents that can be a perfect fit for a special occasion like an anniversary celebration. A couple that spends a lot of time together in the kitchen, for example, will appreciate the thoughtful gesture of a personalized cutting board. A beautiful addition to any kitchen.

His Heart Her Couple Suede Pillow

His Heart Her Couple Suede Pillow

When you want to show a couple how much you care, a gift with a touch of luxury is a perfect solution.

A little bit of elegance goes a long way with a present commemorating a 12th wedding anniversary. This couple suede pillow is a present that is sure to be appreciated by a couple you care about. 

Our Love Was Written In The Stars Custom Star Map

12th wedding anniversary: Our Love Was Written In The Stars Canvas Print

Some couples have love stories that are absolutely fascinating. If you know people who fit this description, you might want to highlight their journey with your present.

This custom star map canvas print features a theme of love that has been written in the stars, helping to add a layer of romantic imagery to the final product.

Linen or Silk Anniversary Gift for Him

One of the best ways to find a fitting anniversary gift for the guy you love is by incorporating the theme of the celebration into your present. Linen and silk are materials that carry an air of luxury about them. These linen gifts for men are all meant to act as an elegant treat that the special guy in your life will truly be able to appreciate.

It’s Always Better When We’re Together Canvas

It’s Always Better When We’re Together  Canvas

Are you looking for what to get for your husband to celebrate 12 years of living together? Check out this It’s Always Better When We’re Together Canvas.

This art print features a simple pattern that can go with any decor.

Navy Blue Linen Tie

happy 12th anniversary: Navy Blue Linen Tie

When it comes to timeless gifts aimed at men, a tie is a classic. If you want to help your husband feel appreciated, a linen anniversary gift worth your while is a navy blue linen tie.

Not only does this feature the anniversary theme perfectly, it also makes for a versatile and stylish accessory.

Linen Pillow

traditional 12th anniversary gift: Linen Pillow

How a person sleeps can totally change how he or she feels throughout the day. Interestingly, it doesn’t take much to improve comfort levels during slumber.

A linen pillow is a perfect way to make a person you care about feel cared for and protected as he slips away into his dreams each night.

Real Silk 12th Wedding Anniversary Card

Anniversary Card

A silk anniversary gift for him can take many forms. Instead of going the expected route, you can find a much more exciting options by looking into alternatives to the traditional options.

A real silk 12th anniversary card is a truly unique and fun way to show the man in your life a clever and thoughtful present.

Linen Cufflinks

linen anniversary gifts: Linen Cufflinks

A quality pair of cufflinks is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. If you want to add to your husband’s collection while celebrating your linen anniversary, there are some easy ways to make this happen.

A pair of linen cufflinks is a clever approach that can make for an ideal present for a man who likes to show off a sense of style.

Personalized Pocket Square 

Personalized Pocket Square

A pocket square is an accessory that can often add a number of extra dimensions to an outfit.

If your husband likes to look his best while he’s at formal events, a personalized pocket square is the way to go. An ideal way to incorporate the symbol of linen into your gift.

Jewelry and Watch Storage with Linen

Jewelry and Watch Storage

A man who owns a number of watches and accessories needs a place to store them all. If you want to make your 12th wedding anniversary a memorable one, consider a beautiful storage gift. He will have a great place to keep his watches and jewelry safe and sound. 

Linen or Silk Anniversary Gift for Her

Finding a great anniversary present for the special woman in your life is a lot easier when you look at all of the quality silk and linen options available to you. A perfect 12th anniversary gift is one that showcases the love you have for your partner while also beautifully weaving in the symbols of the celebration. These ideas are sure to get your wheels turning.

Pure Linen Scarf

happy anniversary 12 years:  Pure Linen Scarf

A scarf is a fashion accessory that can easily take a normal look and infuse it with an air of sophistication. A pure linen scarf is a lovely idea when you need linen anniversary gifts.

Help your wife express her luxurious side with an accessory that recalls Hollywood starlets of the past.

12th Anniversary Canvas

12th anniversary canvas

Sometimes, the right gift for a person you love is one that speaks right from the heart. When you are in search of the best possible 12th anniversary gift ideas for her, then consider a canvas that has been personalized to meet the unique personality of the woman you love. This present captures how you feel in a simple and beautiful way. 

Linne Earring

linen anniversary gifts: Linen Cufflinks

Earrings are a classic gift to think about when you want something that will be fitting as an anniversary gift for wife. Featuring a style that is both elegant and timeless.

Linne earrings make for a wonderful present when you are looking for a way to make a special woman in your life feel cared for and appreciated. 

Bouquet of Peonies

gift for 12th year anniversary: Bouquet of Peonies

Sometimes, a traditional 12th anniversary gift is the absolute best way to make a mark. A bouquet of peonies, for example, can easily brighten a mood as well as it brightens a room.

If your wife appreciates beautiful flowers arranged in a gorgeous way, this is the right fit for your needs.

Linen Robe

linen gifts: Linen Robe

Lounging around the house in a linen robe is a feeling of luxury that is hard to beat. If you want to make the special woman in your life feel as elegant as you see her, then consider a robe.

This is an ideal gift for a woman who wants to relax in style and feel comfort in a truly wonderful way.

Silk Eye Mask

Silk Eye Mask

In order to look and feel one’s best, a full night of sleep is a must. If you want to find the right linen gifts to help your wife get a perfect night of slumber, an eye mask is the way to go.

Not only does this present incorporate the linen symbol, it also makes for a wonderful gesture to show you care.

Pearl Anniversary gift

Linen and silk aren’t the only symbols worth considering when you need a perfect present for your 12th anniversary. Whether you are searching for a gift for him, for her, or for a couple you know, there are some beautiful ways to incorporate this material into your anniversary present.

Luxury Mother of Pearl Pen

Mother of Pearl Pen

A quality pen is hard to beat in life. When you are looking for a twelfth anniversary gift that can be put to good use right away, a luxury pen set might be the right fit.

This mother of pearl pen is one that will easily be appreciated by the one who receives it.

Earring Mother of Pearl

Earring Mother of Pearl

Another way to include pearl on a modern anniversary present is by looking at jewelry. A staple of classic jewelry designs, pearl can help add a look of sophistication to any outfit.

This mother of pearl earring set is a beautiful way to capture how you feel in a present.

Ten Wilde Medallion Pearl Necklace

12 year anniversary gift: Ten Wilde Medallion Pearl Necklace

If earrings aren’t the right fit for the person you love, then you might want to take a deeper look at jewelry options. A necklace is the way to go when you want a perfect statement piece for a twelfth anniversary. Take time to look at different designs to find the perfect fit.

Mother-of-Pearl Frames

Mother-of-Pearl Frames

A unique frame can also make for a great gift when you want to include the material of pearl in your wedding gift. These frames are beautifully crafted from pearl and make a lovely accent piece in any room. All you need to do is insert a favorite photo you love.

Lustered Stemless Wine Glasses

Lustered Stemless Wine Glasses

A good set of wine glasses is a must for any couple looking to entertain. If you want to find the right anniversary gift for a couple you love, then you can definitely do well by looking at a set of stemless wine glasses. Add a bottle of wine to the mix for an even better impact!

The secret to finding a perfect 12 year anniversary gift is looking at all of the incredible options available to you. Whether you go the traditional route of linen and silk or a more modern approach of using pearl, there are some wonderful ideas worth exploring.

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