45+ Best 10 Year Anniversary Gift You Could Ever Give (2022)

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Getting a 10 year anniversary gift may not seem like a big deal. But surviving a full decade as a couple is an absolute triumph! Most gift guides for 10 year anniversary gift ideas focus only on traditional presents. We included some more modern ideas to give you additional options. Keep reading for incredible 10th anniversary gifts for him, her, and the lucky couple. You’ll even find some DIY gifts for crafty folks!

What Is the 10th-Anniversary Gift?

Every wedding anniversary has a traditional gift associated with it. For a 10th wedding anniversary, etiquette demands that the presents feature tin or aluminum. These materials represent many qualities of a good, strong marriage. First, tin and aluminum don’t rust. They will stay bright and shiny forever, reflecting a marriage that has lasted ten years. Second, they are pliable, bending rather than breaking. This quality is a tribute to the flexibility a long marriage requires.

If modern gifts are more your style, don’t you worry. You’ll be thrilled when you learn what the contemporary symbol of a decade of marriage is. A diamond is the most rigid natural material on the planet. To survive and thrive over the first ten years of marriage needs such endurance, indeed.

There are other symbols for the tenth anniversary if traditional gifts don’t tempt you. 10 year anniversary colors are blue or silver. These would make an excellent scheme for a themed party or a creative gift. Yellow daffodils are the official tenth anniversary flower. Incorporate them into decorations or party favors, or pick a daffodil-themed gift. Regardless of which symbol you choose or what your budget is, we have present ideas to match your unique needs.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Him

Some options for tenth anniversary presents, like diamonds, probably won’t appeal to him. That doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of other presents to get your hubby excited. Below, you’ll find our top recommendations for guy gifts. Make his anniversary the best one yet with one of these 10 year anniversary gift for him.

1. Personalized Star Map Wall Art Print

star map canvas print - 10 year anniversary gift

Make their 10 years celebration perfect by showing them that their love was written in the stars! This customized night sky chart takes the locale of their first date and turns it into beautiful wall art. Gift it to the couple or the husband alone. Make his anniversary special with a tailor-made present just for him!

2. Diamond Ring

10 year anniversary gift - diamond ring

Diamond jewelry is a thoroughly modern way to memorialize that special anniversary. This hand-crafted carved band has a single brilliant diamond setting. Or, you can choose another gemstone, maybe his birthstone? This keepsake makes a charming 10th wedding anniversary symbol if he doesn’t wear a wedding band.

3. Photo Collage Canvas Print

10 Years Of Marriage Photo Collage Canvas Print

It’s a must to celebrate a happy wedding anniversary with the”10 Years of Marriage” photo collage canvas print. Bring a smile to your spouse’s face by reminiscing about the milestones that have brought you so much joy.

4. Metal Date Dice Pure Tin

Metal Date Dice Pure Tin - 10 year anniversary gift

Spice up date night with these unique dice! Made from traditional tin, each of their sides comes engraved with an idea for a date night activity. After celebrating 10 years together, it can be hard to get out of a rut. These suggestions will take them back to their dating days!

5. “10-Year Anniversary” Photo Collage Canvas Print

"10-Year Anniversary" Photo Collage Canvas Print

A personalized photo collage is a great way to celebrate their ten year anniversary. Memorialize their first decade and honor them as a couple in a colorful array of photographs. They’ll love looking at the pictures and reminiscing about fun times!

6. Wedding Anniversary Sundial

 Sundial - 10 year anniversary gift

Get creative with tin gifts. For a truly unique 10th anniversary gift, wow them with a fantastic sundial! This item contains an anniversary message of good wishes and features only traditional tin. They can display it indoors in a place of honor, but this working sundial can also go outdoors.

7. Coin Cufflinks

Coin Cufflinks - 10 year anniversary gift

Do something exceptional for his tenth wedding anniversary. These cufflinks feature real dimes minted in his wedding year! They are set in silver and made to order. These accessories are perfect for giving to a husband or a dad. Or, go ahead and make it a couples’ present by giving her a complimenting key chain or pendant.

8. 10 Years Married Photo Collage Canvas Print

10 Years Married Photo Collage Canvas Print

You don’t need a huge celebration party to mark your 10th wedding anniversary. Instead, a sweet and intimate little gesture can prove quite magical. This canvas print is a perfect way to commemorate ten years you’ve spent together as a couple. Your husband will definitely love it.

9. “Annoying Each Other For 10 Years” Custom Photo Mug

"10 Years" Custom Photo Mug

For 10 year wedding anniversary gift on a budget, check out this fun mug. A great his-and-hers gift, this item celebrates the not-so-good days of marriage. Customize it with a picture of the anniversary couple. Add a pound of coffee or their favorite tea, and let them lovingly annoy each other all morning!

10. Video Game Shirt

Video Game Shirt - 10 year anniversary gift

Make their aluminum anniversary special with this most unique of tin presents. This keepsake looks sleek and modern but is rooted in traditional anniversary lore. Their favorite song’s lyrics immortalized in aluminum will help them remember their wedding even well after the decade mark.

11. “10 Years” Custom Family Canvas Print

"10 Years" Custom Family Canvas Print - 10 year anniversary gift

A family-themed custom print is a perfect gift for a husband. This canvas wall hanging features inspirational thoughts about their marriage with space to personalize with kids’ names and theirs. Celebrate the triumph of their tin wedding anniversary with this visual recognition of their love and commitment.

12. Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set

Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set - 10 year anniversary gift

Make your hubby feel cherished on your aluminum anniversary with this elegant personalized decanter set. It’s meant for whiskey, but he can use it with any alcohol. Twenty different design options hint that you can pick the perfect present for your husband. Add a bottle of his favorite liquor and make a date night extra-special!

13. Letter Love Art Canvas Print

Anniversary 10th Years – Letter Love Art Canvas Print

Since spending 10 years of your life with someone is a brilliant achievement, your 10th anniversary gift must be as great as the time you’ve spent with your partner. This beautiful canvas print is a very meaningful gift that is guaranteed to excite emotions in your partner’s heart

14. Classic Diamond Watch

Classic Diamond Watch - 10 year anniversary gift

An elegant diamond watch is a tangible demonstration of your decade-long commitment to each other. Make this 10th anniversary present truly special and let him know how much you love him, now and always. You can’t go wrong with this modern symbol to represent ten years of marriage.

15. Happy 10th Anniversary Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print

Happy 10th Anniversary Custom Photo Collage Canvas Print

With so many gift ideas out there, it can be challenging to find a fitting gift for your partner on your 10 year anniversary. Celebrate 10 glorious years of your life together with this 10 year anniversary gift for him.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

Pamper your wife for this special anniversary. All of our recommended gifts are modern twists on the traditional 10th anniversary symbol. Tempt her fancy with jewelry, a spa kit, and more! From diamonds and daffodils to all things tin, you can’t go wrong with any of the following items.

16. Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklace  - 10 year anniversary gift

This piece of jewelry is delicate yet strong, just like your love. A cluster of tiny diamonds on a gold chain will make her feel elegant and special. Commemorate your best anniversary yet with a stylish gift that symbolizes strength. You’ve made it this far, so your marriage can go the extra mile.

17. Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print

Vinyl Record Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas Print - 10 year anniversary gift

A personalized canvas is a perfect ten year anniversary gift idea for your music lover! Select your first dance as a married couple or another song with meaning for the two of you. This unique print turns those lyrics into a custom gift. Add your names and anniversary date to complete the ultimate keepsake.

18. Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings - 10 year anniversary gift

If you’re wondering what is the best 10 year anniversary gift for wife, look no more. These diamond earrings are totally unique. She will have a present entirely unlike any other. Let your present reflect your love. She gets compliments all of the time and never takes them out.

19. “10 Years of Marriage” Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

"10 Years of Marriage" Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

Wedding anniversaries are for reminiscing. This nostalgic desktop plaque is a remarkable 10 year wedding anniversary gift for your wife. Use a casual wedding photo as the background, and let the memories flood in. Evoke the laughs, the tears, the heartache, and the triumph. All of it calls for celebration!

20. Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin - 10 year anniversary gift

Here’s an anniversary traditional gift with a modern twist! Give her a spa day in the customary anniversary tin. Full of products that will help relax and pamper her, this luxurious kit will indulge her senses. Farm-fresh ingredients smell great and have no chemicals, giving her an unforgettable experience.

21. Celebrating Our “Tin” Year 10th Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

Celebrating Our “Tin” Year 10th Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print

Here’s a thoughtful way to celebrate ten years of marriage with your wife. This canvas print is a ten year photographic time machine of your marriage! When it comes to cool and unique gifts, your spouse will give this one a perfect 10!

22. Diamonds Cluster Ring

Diamond ring  - 10 year anniversary gift

We’re all aware that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This year, getting these fancy rocks for your wife will help turn her into yours! This beautiful ring has a delicate setting of eight diamonds on a gold, silver, or rose gold band. Show her your infinite love with this 10 year diamond anniversary ring.

23. A Bouquet of Daffodils

A Bouquet of Daffodils - 10 year anniversary gift

Surprise her with a brilliant bouquet of this sunshiny 10 year anniversary flower. Such bright pretties will warm her smile in addition to your home. Better yet, a bouquet sent to her at the office will be a pleasant surprise. You’ll win “Husband of the Year” for sure when her coworkers see these!

24. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board

This rustic engravable cutting board is a lasting depiction of your love. Have fun cooking together or entertaining with this customized present for a 10 year anniversary. Use it to chop fruits and veggies or as a charcuterie tray. Or place it as a display piece in the kitchen

25. Flower Daffodil Pendant

Flower Daffodil Pendant - 10 year anniversary gift

A tin daffodil necklace hits the anniversary tradition two-fold! A modern gift of the 10 year symbolic flower from the customary material will wow her for sure! Finding just the right keepsake for your wife is sometimes challenging. But this piece is just the thing for your minimalist spouse. She’ll love both the sentiment and the simplicity.

26. “10 Years of Love and Laughter” Photo Custom Canvas Print

“10 Years of Love and Laughter” Photo Custom Canvas Print

There are lots of custom prints out there, but this one is truly unique. When two become one, this print honors their togetherness. Brighten their 10 year celebration with this incredible present.

27. Welcome Doormat

Welcome Doormat

It might be overly practical, but this doormat is a fantastic 10 year anniversary gift idea. Perfect for families with kids and pets or lots of guests. Keep the floors clean even as you celebrate your decade together. Sometimes love is practical at the same time that it is celebratory.

28. Custom Photo Desktop Plaque

Making it to ten years of marriage is a huge milestone. It’s an accomplishment that‘s worth celebrating. This custom photo desktop plaque is a perfect testimony for the love that you two share. Let this beautiful plaque to ignite the deep love and happy memories you share as a couple and a family.

10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Getting gifts for a couple more practical than giving to each spouse individually. Couples’ presents allow you to kill two birds with one stone. Our gift guide has something for everyone, from mugs to maps and even some of that traditional tin! If you need a gift for a 10 year anniversary for couples, don’t fret! Just keep reading.

29. Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print

Black and White Song Lyrics on Photo Canvas Print – Vertical

Transport them back to their wedding day with this unique print. Such a creative representation of their years together will warm their hearts. The lyrics to their special song printed over a wedding photo will bring memories and laughter flooding back. Start their next ten years off right with this adorable idea for a 10 year anniversary.

30. Funny Mug

Funny Mug

Marriage can be both happy and stressful, full of arguments and romance, nurturing and frantic. If your favorite couples share a lot of exciting moments and adore each other, this is a chance to double the fun. Gift this Mug on their anniversary and see them burst into a fit of laughter.

31. Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Make a reel with your favorite photos of the two of you from the last ten years. You’ll get a custom reel that you can put in the reel viewer to see your favorite moment together or anything else you want immortalized.

32. Family Tree Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

Family Tree Photo Collage Custom Canvas Print

This elegant family tree collage is one of our favorite 10 year celebration ideas. Surprise them with the perfect portrait of their decade together, from newlyweds to new parents and more. Vacations, pets, laughter, and tears all have a place in this colorful print.

33. Million Tin Pebble

Million Tin Pebble

Mark their tenth year of marriage with a traditional gift made of aluminum. This heart-shaped pebble is cast in pure tin, in a modernist twist on the symbolic material. The stone is a perfectly-sized token to be carried in a purse or pocket. Or, keep it in a decorative dish with other treasures.

34. Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map

Help them record all their adventures together, past and future, with this cool map. It is backed with foam so they can mark all their trips with pushpins. On their 10th anniversary, let them look forward to more time and travels together.

35. Prayer Custom Canvas Print

10th Anniversary Prayer Custom Canvas Print

Congratulations on living and thriving in your first decade together as husband and wife. Ten years of absolute marital bliss is something worth commemorating. This canvas print is the perfect way to mark the special occasion. It features a beautiful prayer and a perfect gift for the married pair on their Aluminum anniversary. 

36. Personalized Family Tree

Personalized Family Tree - 10 year anniversary gift

Give a marvelous gift for a special occasion. This spectacular piece features delicate metalwork in the tree and the figurines. Choose the appropriate characters, including children and pets, and include the whole family’s names. This work of art is brilliant! It’s the best gift for a 10th wedding anniversary they could’ve ever asked for!

37. Custom Anniversary Map Infographic Style Design

Custom Anniversary Map Infographic Style Design

Help the kids create a wonderful gift for their parents. This infographic-style print takes all the important places from their ten years together and creates a map of memories! They’ll love reliving their journey together at their decade anniversary as they look forward to the next ten years.

38. Wedding Song on Tin

Wedding Song on Tin

Make their aluminum anniversary special with this most unique of tin presents. This keepsake looks sleek and modern but is rooted in traditional anniversary lore. Their favorite song’s lyrics immortalized in aluminum will help them remember their wedding even well after the decade mark.

39. You Are Still The One 10 Years Photo Collage Canvas Print

You Are Still The One 10 Years Photo Collage Canvas Print

This canvas print is jam-packed with personalized memories. And if that’s not enough, its touching and caring words will speak to your spouse‘s soul. Be the artist of your husband’s heart by giving him this canvas print.

40. License Plate Sign Name Word

License Plate Sign Name Word

This unique license plate wall art is an excellent gift for parents from their kiddos. Made from reclaimed and recycled license plates, this lovely aluminum gift is a fun way to honor tradition. Just provide the wedding date, and the makers will do the rest.

DIY 10 Year Anniversary Gifts

DIY-ing anniversary presents may seem lame. But it’s quite the opposite! It’s a chance to show off your crafting skills! Making presents is also another way to express your love and caring for the anniversary couple. So go ahead and try some of these 10 year anniversary gift ideas. Put some extra love in your creations and gift them with pride!

41. Tin Can Lanterns

Tin Can Lanterns - 10 year anniversary gift

These fantastic lanterns are the perfect 10 year anniversary symbols for them to display on their porch or in the backyard. They also make great centerpieces for their next get-together. Upcycle some traditional tin with a cute DIY flair. All you need are different sizes of aluminum cans, a drill, and some safety glasses. They’ll love your efforts on their behalf.

42. Tinfoil Rose

Tinfoil Rose

Dazzle them with a fabulous 10th wedding anniversary present! These homemade tinfoil roses are full of lighthearted joy! You can roll a whole bouquet or just a few. Either way, they’re sure to please your favorite anniversary couple. They can display these forever flowers in a vase without having to worry about taking care of them.

43. Tin for Ten

Tin for Ten

Give hubby or wife the gift of your heartfelt words for this significant milestone of marriage. Honor the traditional 10 year anniversary with one aluminum can that’s been decorated and holds a surprise. Tuck ten (or more) little love notes inside, sharing cherished memories and good times.

44. Wedding Vow Frame

Wedding Vow Frame

This idea is a fabulous his-and-hers gift! Follow tradition each year by giving your sweetie that year’s anniversary present. Celebrate 10 years of love by putting your wedding vows in a tin or aluminum frame! Or, if you gifted the vows for a previous year, place a family picture in the frame!

45. DIY Instagram Photo Box

diy instagram box - 10 year anniversary gift

If you’re into scrapbooking and papercrafts, this project is for you! You’ll love celebrating your 10th anniversary with this clever mini photo album. Get your papier-mâché game on and decorate your heart out. The final result is a strip of photo memories in a cute custom box.

46. Date Night Lottery

Date Night Lottery

Spice up date night with this fabulous tin. Whether you use the prompts for dates or for family time, you’ll never be bored. This 10 year anniversary idea has activities from pizza-making to pottery painting and more. You’ll love getting to know your spouse again and putting the fun back in your relationship.

Final Thoughts

Picking out a 10 year anniversary gift is easy with our helpful guide. Whether you want a special present or a beautiful anniversary card, we know the best options. Pick your favorite traditional or modern suggestions for all your gifting needs!

If you want to find sweet quotes when sending a gift to your beloved ones, don’t go further, here are 10 year anniversary quotes and wishes for you.


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